Audety is a real-time advertising and public relations network created to provide artists and anyone else who is unafraid to express themselves a platform to promote, showcase, advertise and sell their artistic works or products worldwide without paying any listing fees, sales fees or advertising costs. Audety is the flagship web application developed by Artists United, Inc.; a benefit corporation established to provide support specifically for the artist community to thrive and grow for the benefit of all artists and the general public.

There has never been a better time for artists and art lovers than now. Anyone with a dream and a desire to turn that dream into a reality can find an audience almost instantly. Audety was built for the artist, both professional and non-professional and for those who love art and entertainment. Whether you’re a musician, actor, writer, painter, animator, director, producer, in a support role or a fan you are welcomed and appreciated here.

Audety is a free cloud-based web application supported by a small voluntary annual membership fee to cover the costs of maintaining and improving the application program, administration, member support services and charitable contributions for various organizations supporting the arts. The unlimited basic membership is free. Please REGISTER to become a Supporting Member.
Thank you for your support.

Get free downloads at audety.com!


artists united, audety

artists united, audety

artists united, audety

artists united, audety

artists united, audety

artists united, audety

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